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List Description
3DIM.wg Public: Three Dimensional Information Management Working Group
Agriculture.DWG Public: Agriculture Domain Working Group Ad-Hoc
AIM.SWG Member: Agriculture Information Model SWG discussion list (Observer agreement required) (Auto-Sync) Public: for discussions on Australia and New Zealand
Architecture.dwg Public: The Architecture DWG considers architectural issues surrounding OpenGIS activities, including mechanisms for describing and invoking services in a heterogeneous distributed network.
ARD.SWG Public: Analysis Ready Data SWG discussion list
Asia.Forum Public: OGC Asia Forum discussion list
ASTRO.DWG Public: Autonomy, Sensors, Things, Robots and Observations DWG formerly SWE DWG list
Aviation.DWG Public: Aviation Domain Working Group
BigData.DWG Public: Ad hoc Big Data Domain Working Group
Canada.Forum Public: This is the open discussion list for the Canada Forum
CDW-Geo Public: Cloud Data Warehouse Geo Interop
China.Forum Public: This is the open discussion list for the China Forum
CITE-Forum Public: Discussion of Conformance and Interoperability Testing and Evaluation
Climate.DWG Public: Climate Resilience DWG email list
coordtran.wg Public: The Coordinate Reference System (CRS) Domain Working Group (DWG) develops strategies for encoding of earth coordinate reference systems and transformations between coordinate reference systems. Also addresses units of measure.
Coverages.wg Public: MemberCoverages WG's mission is to promote and oversee development of OGC Implementation Specifications for exploitation of, and accessing, coverage data, including images and other grid coverages.
Data.Preservation Public: The Data Preservation Domain. Working Group
DI.WG Public: Defense and Intelligence Domain Working Group
DQ.wg Public: Data Quality Domain Working Group
EDM.DWG Public: EDM (Emergency & Disaster Management and Law Enforcement And Public Safety) Domain Working Group
Energy-utilities.dwg Inactive: For Energy and Utiliites Domain discussions
ESS.dwg Public: Earth Systems Science DWG (Non-Member Access Requires Moderator Approval)
Europe.Forum Public: Discussions focused around Europe
France.Forum Public: Discussions focused around France.
Geo-for-Metaverse.DWG Public: Geo for Metaverse DWG discussion list
GeoDataCube.SWG Member: Geo Data Cube SWG discussion list (Observer agreement required) (Auto-Sync)
GeoDCAT.SWG Member: GeoDCAT SWG discussion list (Observer agreement required) (Auto-Sync)
Geopackage Public: Public Discussion list for all Geopackage related items
GeoParquet.SWG Public: GeoParquet SWG discussion list
Geoscience.DWG Public: Geoscience DWG mailing list
GeoSciML Public: A mailing list for GeoSciML
GeoSemWeb Public: Geospatial Semantic Web by the Information Communities and Semantics (ICS) Doman Working Group
GeoZarr.SWG Member: GeoZarr Standard Working Group (SWG) discussion list (Observer agreement required) (Auto-Sync)
Health.DWG Public: Discussions for OGC Health DWG
Hydro.dwg Public: Hydrology DWG
ILA.Forum Public: Iberian and Latin-American Forum (ILAF) Public: Discussions focused around India
ISG.DWG Public: Interoperable Simulation and Gaming DWG
Italy.Forum Public: Lista di discussione del Foro Italiano dell'OGC
JSONsubgroup Public:
LADM.SWG Member: Land Admin Domain Model SWG (Observer Agreement required)
Landadmin.dwg Public: Discussion for Land Administration
Marine.DWG Public: PUBLIC Discussion List for Marine Domain Working Group
MetaCat.DWG Public: Metadata and Catalog Domain Working Group
Meteo.DWG Public: Meteorology and Oceanography DWG (List is open, the project is not)
MLS.DWG Public: Mobile Location Services DWG
NA.Forum Public: Discussion list for North American Forum
NetCDF.swg Public: NetCDF Standards Working Group
Nordic.Forum Public: Discussions focused around the Nordic Region
PerspectiveImagery.DWG Public: Perspective Imagery DWG
Planetary Public: Planetary ad hoc
PointCloud.DWG Public: This Point Cloud DWG list is for discussion within the group membership.
QoSE.DWG Public: Quality of Service and Experience discussion list
Requests Public: Request for Public Comment on open RFCs
Security.wg Public: Security Domain Working Group
Space-Standards.DWG Public: Discussion for Space Standards DWG
SWE.Users Public: Sensor Web Enablement users
T20-all Private: Testbed 20 participants (Auto-Sync)
UDTIP-all Member: OGC Urban Digital Twin Interoperability Pilot (Observer agreement required - AutoSync)
UK-IR.Forum Public: Discussions focused around the UK and Ireland
University-WG Public: Coordinate on academic issues
Urban-Digital-Twins.DWG Public: Discussion list for Urban Digital Twins DWG
UXS.DWG Public: Discussion List for UAV/UAS Domain Working Group
WFS-FES.SWG Public: Features API SWG
Workflow.dwg Public: Workflow Domain Working Group
WPS-dev Public: Web Processing Service Developers/Implementors

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